60th Birthday Gift Ideas: Celebrating the Milestone

The 60th birthday is highly regarded as a milestone in any person’s life. That’s why it is normally celebrated with a party either with close friends or simply family. Celebrants turning 60 have most likely achieved a lot in their life and have had been the recipient of diverse presents in their lifetime. That’s why it can be a bit tricky to canvass for gifts. After all, while it is the thought that counts, a person only turns 60 once. Check out some of our 60th birthday gift ideas.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas

Unique Experiences

There are numerous websites out there that offer 60th birthday gift ideas in the form of unique experiences that can be booked a day or even just a few hours before the special day. Practically anything is being offered online these days. A Michelin Starred restaurant tour? International liquor tasting? How about a helicopter ride across some of their favorite sights? Anything is achievable these days with just a simple search. It could even be something totally out of character for that person like falconry training or butter churning. Slow paced experiences are best considering that intense ones may not end well given the human body’s fragility at that age.

Photo Book

While unique experiences are sure to linger in a person’s memories, nothing quite brings out the sentiments than printed photo books. Photo albums are now a thing of the past. With numerous online photobook services, digital copies are brought magically to life instantly with DIY designs. You can control every aspect of the photobook including the size, pictures per page, text on each page and even add stickers on top of images here and there. Best of all, you can easily order multiple copies in the event that you feel more than one person deserves to reminisce the memories. It would be great if your photobook gift covered different aspects of the celebrant’s life like family, friends, school, work, and everything in between.

Donation to Charity

There are also some folks who are very giving by nature. As such, lavishly spending something on their behalf might not be in their best interests. When this is the case, be sure you choose a charity that they wholeheartedly support. One can normally tell what it is that people have a soft spot for. Otherwise, it won’t hurt to be upfront and tell them directly about your purported donation.

Meaningful Social Event

More often than not, people focus on the material things while they are young. After all, life’s a tough road and you need to prioritize. That’s why the focus on rekindling relationships isn’t given that much priority. If you truly want to make someone’s 60th birthday a blast and you know they’re lonely, nothing would please them more than seeing old, familiar or even unfamiliar faces. During the lead up to the day, you could ask them all about the friends, colleagues or relatives they’ve been longing to contact but no longer could. It could even be just a simple neighborhood party where people around the block are invited too.

Quality Time

In relation to the previous idea, what better way to brighten up someone’s day than by spending quality time with them? If you live in another state and come only on special holidays, it’s but natural for someone to miss you. At the age of 60, people also tend to be lonely and insecure. That’s why quality time can be the perfect gift to a loved one. Why not spend the day looking at old photo books or stroll around the farm feeding the animals? Doing the things that you used to do intimately before is a surefire way to make the birthday memorable and all the more special.

Repairing or Restoring an Heirloom or Prized Possession

Lots of people grow sentimental as they age. As time passes, they cling to things that remind them of the past or of someone from the past. That’s why some people have certain possessions that they prize above all. For some, it could be something as simple as their grandpa’s old gaming console, mother’s old china, dad’s old jeep, grandma’s coin collection or even a deceased brother’s family painting. Whichever it is, if there is an opportunity to repair it, restore it to its original glory or upgrade it, their 60th birthday might be the perfect time to do it.

If you have other 60th birthday gift ideas, feel free to share in the comments.

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  1. We got our dad a special anniversary sundial that sits on the window sill and makes rainbows in the room when the sun shines. We had the guy who made it add a special date line for his birthday that the time shadow follows on his birthday every year, and we added date lines for all us kids as well. I don’t remember what it’s called but you can find it online with a search. It has become a real family heirloom!

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