Wedding Gift Ideas: Making the Day Memorable

Weddings are momentous occasions both for the celebrants as well as the guests. The celebrants get to sanctify their bond together in the sight of family and friends while guests get to offer their well wishes. As a guest, wedding gift ideas may come simply to you. However, don’t think it is as simple as it seems. There’s quite some effort needed for it to become a valued and memorable gift that the married couple will treasure forever.

wedding gift ideas

Consider the registry

Wedding registries are there for a reason. Couples usually opt for one as they have multiple benefits. First, they make managing gift logistics easy by delivering the gifts straight to the reception venue, hotel room or honeymoon destination during or after the wedding. Second, registries also have the capacity to block duplicate gifts. This allows the couple to make good use of each gift received and not worry about duplicates needing to be stocked in storage. Lastly, registries also make it easier for guests to decide on what to buy by having the couple’s wish list published instead of relying on their own wedding gift ideas.

If you are attending a wedding where a registry is in place, it would be best to choose from there. When attending with friends, you also have the option to pool resources to buy higher priced items in the registry. As an added bonus, some merchants give discounts to both the celebrants and guests who use the registry. Celebrants usually enjoy some percentage discount when they visit again in the future and guests also pay a discounted price when buying anything from the registry as a gift. That said, it’s a win-win for both the celebrants and the guests.

Basing on needs

Even if there is a registry, guests are, of course, free to give whatever they want. If you know the couple really well, you could opt to give them something you know they need. For example, if they’ve been together for a while and have a baby before the marriage, get something for the baby. That simple. If you’ve overheard the groom needing a new briefcase for work, there’s your chance to be the hero. Just by being observant around the couple, you could get a feel of what they might need that is just not a budget priority at the moment.

Personalized gifts

Nothing says memorable like personalized gifts. These kinds of gifts are usually what people leave displayed on cabinets or hung on living room walls. It doesn’t have to be extravagant to make it a prized gift. For example, a handwritten poem about the couple’s love for one another placed in a display frame could work. If you’ve got a knack for video editing, you can offer to present something for the couple as an intermission. For those who are crafty, doing some woodwork or sewing and making a gift out of it could work. Those are something that are sure to leave your mark on the couple’s minds.

The earlier examples, however, referred to things made by you customized for the couple. Another variety of personalized gifts are those that you make or buy with the couple’s insignia or initials on it. Think customized playing cards with their faces on it, a license plate with the wedding date, a his and her mug with their names and faces on it. The possibilities are simply limitless with numerous merchants around that offer personalized gifts and also the option for 3D printing on your own.

Gift certificates

There’s really nothing wrong with gifting cash but for a variety of reasons, not that many prefer it. When that happens, gift certificates come to the rescue. GCs are really nifty and allow the couple to spend it on things they actually need. However, tread carefully as such gifts tend to give off the impression that you didn’t really spend time to think of a proper gift.


Whichever online or physical store you go, it is pretty much guaranteed that if you ask salespeople (or the top lists for online sites) for wedding gift ideas, they’ll tell you kitchenware. As weddings are usually precursors to living on their own, it is expected that the couple will need to buy such things. Here are some suggestions on what to gift:

  • cooking utensils: fork, knife, spoon, thermometer, mortar and pestle, grinders
  • cooking vessels: rice cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, frying pan, pots, serving dish
  • bakeware: chafing dish, non-stick pan, rolling pin, oven
  • storage vessels: jar, pitcher, flask, canister
  • appliances: blender, electric knife, steamer, slicer, mixer
  • tableware: plate, bowl, platter, saucer, cutlery, drinking glass, teapot

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  1. A rainbow sundial is a great idea, there is one you can find online that sits indoors on the windowsill and makes rainbows in the room when the sun shines on it. We have one that has a special line on it that the time shadow follows on our anniversary day every year, and it has a special mark that the shadow touches at the actual moment we got married. Very classy… handmade, personalized and appropriate, and symbolic too. Every time I see the rainbow on the floor in our family room I think of our wedding day…and it is just a really nice gift.

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