Housewarming Gift Ideas: Simple and Subtle

Housewarming parties are quite common as we grow older. Every now and then, our friends and relatives would move as a result of a wedding, promotion, or simply a change in scenery. It’s helpful to look at housewarming gift ideas especially if you haven’t been to these sorts of events before. Check out some of our suggestions below.
housewarming gift ideas


In most houses, there’s always a bookshelf here and there or a reading nook set up in one of the corners. Books are great to have especially in a new house as it can be enjoyed by the inhabitants in their spare time. You can use this gift in order to share a bit of your interests with the recipients by giving books you like. Otherwise, you can also cater to their interests and find them books you know they’ll find interesting. Also, given that they’re living in a home all to themselves, it may help to get them some DIY books, carpentry books, and cookbooks. These are sure to come in handy for various instances.

If you need book suggestions, you can sift thru the NY Times Best Seller list and choose books from the categories you need.

Wall Decor

When moving in, people don’t generally fill their walls up right away. You might see a clock here and there but that’s pretty much it. Wouldn’t it be great to find your gift adorning their home every time you visit? Here are some housewarming gift ideas in the wall decor category:

    • drawings
    • paintings
    • photo frames or framed antique photos
    • posters – anime, movies, motivational, sports teams, and so much more
    • mixed media like decorative signs, vinyl records, flags, shirts, masks, unique clocks, and what not

Personalized Items

Personalized gifts are really applicable in all sorts of occasions and housewarmings are not excluded. A great memorable gift could be personalized mugs for each member of the family coupled with personalized coasters. It’s a sure fire way to etch your gift in their mind considering that they’ll be using it everyday.

Another suggestion is to get them personalized bath towels. Not only are these used regularly but these are among the most commonly mixed up belongings in the household. Giving it a personal touch helps people recognize which one is theirs.

Of course, you shouldn’t stop there. These days, anything can be personalized. We won’t even be surprised if you get them personalized slippers, linen or canisters.


Okay, this housewarming gift idea may only be applicable to people you know will truly appreciate it as there are some who are tired of receiving mail every now and then. Some thoughtful subscriptions you could pay for on their behalf include monthly wine, snack boxes, hygiene kits, coffee, or even fashion accessories. If you think that’s too much, you can keep it simple by just getting them magazine subscriptions like Reader’s Digest, Time, National Geographic and the like.

First Aid Kit or Disaster Kit

If your goal is to give the pinnacle of useful gifts, look no further than first aid kits or disaster kits. These are absolutely essential in every household and are often overlooked. However, the recipients are sure to appreciate such a gift as it shows how much you care for their safety.

Card and Board Games

Whether the household has kids or not, games are really helpful especially if the recipients are regularly expecting guests. Fun board and card games help break the ice whenever there are people over and it can also serve as entertainment for when the family needs it.

Tool Kit

A tool kit is another essential item often neglected by homeowners. Tools for every occasion are really nifty and helps alleviate the pain of needing something at dire moments and not having it. Tool kits come in various shapes and sizes but should at least include the bare essentials such as a wrench, pliers, hammer, measuring tape and screwdrivers.

Keep in mind that not all housewarming gift ideas are applicable to your situation. In most cases, your judgment and relationship with the recipient
should also be factored in. Hope we at least helped you get started!

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