Corporate Gift Ideas: Ensuring Customer Retention

Note: This article covers corporate gift ideas for customers and clients. If you’re looking for internal office gifts, check out gift ideas for coworkers and gift ideas for boss.

Giving gifts to customers or clients is a pretty common business practice most especially if the competition is always trying to scoop them out under your nose. While these gifts aren’t necessarily what will keep them coming back to you, it might help to keep them reminded of your awesome customer service and products from time to time. It also helps to build long lasting client-consumer relationships. Here are some corporate gift ideas for customers to start you out.

corporate gift ideas

Customized Desk Accessories

One good way to maintain excellent visibility is to give a gift that is used on a regular basis. Years ago, this used to mean calendars. However, with the dawn of technology, these are not really relevant anymore. Things that would work though include pens or pen holders, mouse pads, photo frames and even coffee mugs. Also, be sure your logo is not overly exaggerated when you have the object personalized. Some people would love nothing more than to use your gift but if it’s too blatant an advertisement, they might have second thoughts.


It’s a fact that everyone needs food and a majority of people actually love to eat. Granted, this gift is probably not going to last enough to be a desk ornament, giving food gifts has its own appeal. The best way to accomplish this is with an overflowing gift basket but if there are budget constraints, here are some ideas:

  • gourmet coffee or exotic beans
  • cookie jars
  • brownie boxes
  • box of muffins
  • cupcakes
  • jam in mason jars
  • box of gourmet chocolate
  • decorative bottles filled with liquids like flavored vodka, cranberry syrup, assorted tea(iced or not)
  • donuts

While these can be definitely made at home, given the nature of corporate gifting, these should most likely be bought from suppliers so as to maintain uniform packaging and taste.

Wine Glass

Wine glasses are typically associated with elegance and preciousness which is why they are common gifts for almost all occasions. Companies like to manage their outlook and that is why elegant gifts work best. Wine glasses can typically be etched directly on the glass which means customization is possible. The perfect time to give out such a gift is normally during the Christmas and New Year season as that is when a lot of wine is called for. It is also worth noting that this gift works best when coupled with wine bottles, depending on your budget.

Local Souvenirs

If you are in the logistics industry, chances are your clients are all over the world. In that case, souvenirs would make perfect gifts. Consider the top things that make your city or country renowned around the world and try to find a customizable one. For example, companies in Paris can give out paintings or post cards containing the Eiffel tower and their logo nearby. While souvenirs are indeed meant for people who’ve visited the place, they can at least consider it a reward for a “proxy visit” because of their business with you.

Business Diary or Planner

The planner or business diary should also fall under desk accessories above but we felt it needed to be highlighted on its own. Easily customizable, this gift exhibits a lot of professionalism and is obviously practical. You can step up the marketing even further by printing voucher codes that they can cut up or use online at certain page intervals. Furthermore, you can also insert your company calendar, vision-mission, contact details and a lot more should you choose to go with this gift. Just be sure it isn’t that excessive.

Taboo gifts to shy away from

We’re not saying these are bad but these are somewhat on people’s minds already that they’d end up thinking, “I knew they’d give this,” or “Expected this.”

  • keychains
  • discount vouchers/coupons (alone ; not coupled with any other gift)
  • calendars
  • flowers
  • fruitcake (especially around Christmas)

Note, of course, that the gifts you give should be in line with your company’s theme. For example, you can’t very well give away healthy snacks if your company is in the business of junk food.

If you’ve got corporate gift ideas or experiences to share, let us know in the comments.

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