Gift Ideas for Her: Useful Things for the Home

It’s tough being a man. Sometimes, our thoughtfulness is only up to a certain extent. While we do value the motto, “it’s the thought that counts,” there can be some lingering thoughts wherein we think we could’ve given better. If you’re looking for something useful to give as a gift, check out these gift ideas for her that we’ve compiled. These would work great whether given to your sister, girlfriend, wife, mother, and other female relatives.
Gift Ideas for Her

Spill Proof Coffee Mug

Whether the special female recipient is a mom or not, you absolutely cannot go wrong with such a gift. The insulated variants help keep the temperature constant of any liquids contained within. Plus, these containers are both dishwasher and microwave safe making them really durable. If you want to further impress your recipient, look for the mugs that have skid-resistant rubber bases (non-slip) for the added safety. There are also some with ergonomic handles making them easy to carry around and comfortable to use. Finally, some variants also have push button features where you just press it and the lid opens up instantly for you to drink with ease. Be sure you choose the variant you think your recipient will appreciate.

Perfume Oil

Perfume oils are quite different from standard spray-on perfumes in many ways. While they are not that popular, that’s also reason for their appeal – they don’t give off an obvious perfume smell. There are also some sites that claim they last longer and are unlikely to become skin irritants.

Personalized Coasters

Photobooks are good and all but they fall under the memorabilia category of gift ideas for her most likely. Coasters that have your faces plastered all over them, on the other hand, are a different story. They’re really practical to give away as they can be used on a daily basis. Choose an image that highlights a fond memory you have with that person or you can also go a different direction and put a mosaic of motivational quotes on it. If the coaster provider allows, why not print different batches of coasters instead of utilizing one uniform design?

Cozy Slippers

Almost everyone loves staying at home. Whether too tired from school or work or simply staying full on as a housewife or house husband, the house allows us to relax and be fully ourselves. Our comfort at home can be further enhanced with a pair of cozy slippers. Some of the best ones are made of polyester or fleece so be sure you look at those ones first. It’s also worth noting that some of these slippers are designed like booties or socks in the sense that there is no sole. If you think your recipient is particular with that, go for the slippers that have foam padded soles. Such a gift will surely go a long way in adding comfort to their daily lives.

Body Oil

Body oil has a lot of uses and every household, more often than not, has one or could use one. It is used during massage sessions as it lessens the friction on the body allowing it to be rubbed and massaged easier. It also has the ability to moisturize the skin making it a must-have for most women.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Think of all the warmth and coziness a campfire brings. Now think of it but in a portable manner and that’s the Himalayan Salt Lamp. This nifty device helps alleviate the ambiance of any home thanks to its unique red glow. They make for great night lights as they emit a low, soothing light to the surroundings. Additionally, there are also sites that claim these lamps may help improve air quality. If the recipient has just moved in, this would also be among the top first home gifts for her.

Adult Coloring Book

This product has been trending over the years. Adult coloring books are being marketed as a tool for stress relief and rightly so. These days, there is too much pressure from society to exceed expectations and stress is at an all-time high for people in school and in the workplace. Such a gift can be of aid if you know your recipient has a tendency to be stressed. Still, even if they aren’t stressed, these coloring books are great for relaxation and also garnering inspiration.

Did you think we missed anything? What other gift ideas for her can you share? Let us know in the comments.

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