Men’s Gift Ideas: Basketball Gifts for Enthusiasts

Basketball is a game beloved all around the world by people of all ages, races, and genders. That is why it is not that uncommon to find your special someone thoroughly engrossed in the game whether as a fan or a player himself. Check out some of our men’s gift ideas for basketball enthusiasts.


Tickets to a Live Game

You might be surprised how majority of even the most hardcore fans haven’t yet seen a live game. With tickets now averaging around $90 per game, it can be a lesser priority. What better way to surprise your special guy than having him watch a live game with his favorite team playing, at that. Just note that closer seats do cost more. There are also some teams that have home tickets costing more than others.

Basketball Training Equipment

If your special someone is an avid fan and plays as well, getting him some basketball training equipment would greatly boost his confidence and skill. Here are some of our prime men’s gift ideas:

  • Basketball gloves – weighted and anti-grip gloves help a person improve their catching and ball handling by strengthening the hands and fingers. Due to the weight resistance, one’s hand speed is also drastically improved
  • Ball return – this nifty device helps people practicing focus on shooting and less on picking up the ball
  • Defensive mannequin – great for people who love to practice dribbling around players or shooting and passing with a set obstacle in the way
  • Training cones – ideal for those performing drills regularly and want to train at home

Basketball Clothes

Athletes also have apparel of their own that allows them to remain comfortable or maximizes their efficiency during gameplay. These would also make worthwhile gift ideas:

  • Basketball socks – the good ones reduce fatigue via ankle and arch compression and also helps minimize blisters. It would do well to choose ones that suppress odor as well
  • Basketball shorts – make sure the material wicks sweat and dries quickly. Ask for breathable fabric such as polyester or cotton.
  • Basketball tee – same as with the sorts, material should wick sweat quickly. There are some fabric with quality stretch construction that allows for better movement when used.
  • Bonus: wristband – stylish and can come in team colors or logos. Great for preventing sweat from spreading and is also comfortable to use.

Basketball Shoes

The basketball shoe market is simply exploding with competition and every brand simply has unique things to offer. If you are planning to buy shoes, here are some of our suggested general criteria when picking out:

  • Playing style – find out if your guy is a fast all-around player or a power player. Fast guys usually need lightweight shoes whereas power players need heavier ones that are stable and have maximal cushion in the midsole.
  • Outsole – the outsole of the shoe is designed to match the playing field so as to provide maximum traction. Be sure you mention to the salespeople if its for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Shoe upper – with a choice between high, mid and low, each one has its own pros and cons. High-top basketball shoes are preferred by aggressive players who need extra coverage while low-top ones are built for those who specifically bank on speed and agility. Mid-top basketball shoes are perfect for those who like flexibility in their position and want the best of both worlds.

    Basketball Accessories

    There are also various accessories you can buy for any basketball enthusiast. Some of these make excellent gifts as long as they are applicable.

    • Storage rack – does he own a lot of balls? There are numerous storage racks available depending on location and portability. For some, a huge rack that can store 10 or more balls indoors is enough. Still, others prefer storage racks that can be clamped to their basketball poles. These portable racks can store anywhere from 1-5 balls. For those who do a lot of shooting drills, ball carts would also suffice as they double as storage racks when set aside.
    • Ball pump – what’s worse than having a few replacement balls? How about having to look for a place to get your ball inflated? With a portable pump, this problem is instantly remedied. These handy pumps usually come with multiple needles that are fastened securely in the pump body.
    • Basketball bag – if your guy is particular with separating his ball from the rest of the apparel in his bag, a basketball bag would make a great gift. These bags have their own handles and straps but could also be clipped on to any bag you prefer.
    • Mouth guard – choose the ones that have good shock absorption and offer improved breathability and speakability

    If you’ve got men’s gift ideas to share particularly for basketball enthusiasts, please share in the comments.

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